A make up also aesthetic surgery is able to change your look and to make you feel better!


The aesthetic surgery  helps you from the sorrow is different from the platic surgery that intervents on your bady to help you from psicological problems.

Let’s talk about the second one because is more interesting for our reserch . I could say, if  I don’t think about the different contest and different competences and different situation, that the make up artist who puts lipistick and eyliner an you face is similar to the doctor that intervets on you body in the surgery room. Both are paid to make us to feel better but there is a little bit different:

– the make up artist has a smaller ” power” because  helps  you only for a small time just the time that you have a make up on as the same time you put the make up out your face you will lost all the magic sensation ( obviusly I’m talking about people whose put make up on for a special occasion as marriage, a sweet 16een party, and so in these occasions they wnat to be special and with a perfect look ).

– the surgery is a permanent change on you body so you need moore time to take this strong decision.













Some people could say me ” how can you say that the make up artist work is simolar to the estetic surgery done by a doctor?!”

well I will explain that in few points


  • I’m saying they’re look similar in term of Why ( why they are called and paid to do their job) and not in term of How ( how thy do their job)

  • It’s obvius that a people that are going to be aesthetic surgery are felling moore pain and are gonna feel sorrow than the young bride that is going to make her up  ; The young inpatient  and the Young bride moved in that decision to feel better with their self .

the UK is one of  the bigger Nation where aesthetic surgery is a very increasing and profictable activity!

Brows up, breasts down: the UK in plastic surgery

More men than ever before are having plastic surgery – and it’s often to reduce moobs. Find out who has what done in the UK
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Plastic surgery in the UK

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Type of procedure
Number of procedures 2009
% change, 2008- 2009
% change 2008 – 2009
% change, 2008 – 2009
ALL PROCEDURES 36,482 6.71 32,859 5 3,623 21
Breast augmentation 8,565 1.37 8,537 1 28  
Blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery) 5,443 6.10 4,827 7 616 1
Face/Neck Lift 4,241 -6.73 4,005 -8 236 23
Breast Reduction 4,703 22.31 4,122 17 581 80
Abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) 3,403 -6.46 3,268 -7 135 21
Liposuction 3,509 8.00 3,010 9 499 4
Rhinoplasty (nose) 3,836 25.15 2,959 25 877 26
Otoplasty (ear correction) 1,349 7.06 807 7 542 7
Brow lifts 1,433 42.73 1,324 42 109 51

Simon Rogers byline pic Posted by Simon Rogers Tuesday 2 February 2010 09.00 GMT guardian.co.uk


Nothing, it seems, is immune from the collapse of the global economy, not even the huge American industry that is plastic surgery. The latest data from the American Society of Plastic Surgeonsshows that cosmetic surgery in the US is down 9% on the previous year – with some exceptions such as buttock lifts, and non-invasive ‘procedures’ such as Botox injections.


The aesthetic surgery is soo popular in the Uk that they decied to create a Reality Show on these theme! (Oh my gosh!)

take a look on some episodes!

 Dr 90210