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– the make up of the nobile class during the elizabethian age

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Emo Makeup

Some eye make techniques for emo makeup can  be done using dark colors!

  • Dark shadow applied to eyelid

  • Blend dark shadow up to brow bone

  • Black liner applied to the inner eye

  • Black liner may also be applied to the top lid

  • Dark mascara



We all know about those teenagers that call themselves emo. Like every such “group” or type of attitude they have a different makeup too and it’s specific to them. Let’s also not forget about the fact that some of their makeup styles look really fantastic and the basic thing is to highlight the eyes. If you’re into highlighting your eyes when you do your makeup you may be misunderstood with one of these teenagers that are part of this group.

Let’s start with basics: you have to apply a light tone of makeup foundation in order to make your face look pale, but not extremely pale, because you’re going to end up having a really gothic look- let’s also mention that this type of makeup is certainly inspired from the gothic one and that have so many things in common that you just can’t imagine.

We were at the level of the complexion! Sue makeup foundation and give a porcelain aspect to your visage and that it looks perfect, without spots or things like that on it. The next element that we want to mention about is the color in your cheeks. The emo teenagers apply blush in their cheeks, but this blush has a very pink tone and make sure- if you want to look like them- that you search for a similar tone. Sometimes you may apply only a soft touch of such blush in your cheeks, but it has to be there- even if it’s vaguely.

The eyebrows shouldn’t be highlighted too much! You can add a fade tone of eyeliner under the format of a pencil in order to make these a contour if these don’t have one. The eye contour is really vital when it comes to this type of makeup. You can apply for using pencil eyeliner, a liquid one all around your eyes and you may apply eye powder in black tone too in order to make a nice visual impression of really highlighted eyes.


The lips aren’t that vital when it comes to the emo makeup. These are highlighted very vaguely and with the help of a light pink lipstick or a gloss in fade pink. All the focus is on the eyes and they do a very excellent job when it comes to this aspect, because they highlight their eyes pretty well.


Besides the dark eye color and eyeliner you can apply for different other colors. You can sue pretty colors, really strong and powerful and if you combine these with dark tones you’re going to end up looking just like these. Also, let’s mention that the things that this group do shouldn’t affect the fact that their makeup style is pretty fantastic looking and it highlights their beauty pretty much.


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queen Elizabeth make up

Women from all ages from hight social class wabted to have a perfect skin, perfect hair, perfect lips and perfect eyes.

During the Elizabeth Age the Queen Elizabeth was a great influence on the make-up during her reign. She was known as the virgin queen also because  the way she looked. She defined the way a woman should look.

The various portraits done of the Queen is a testament to the fact. She defined beauty at that time.


Queen Elizabeth’s skin was alabaster smooth and pale as milk without any blush to add colour to the whiteness. The make- up used was heavy and several layers were ingeniously put on.

White skin and light coloured hair was the ideal. It was the image of noble women and women of class.

Colour extracted from plants and flowers

Face paint was known as fucus, it was a combination and types of red colour. Vermillion was most popular of all. Cochineal and madder were also used as rouge. It was applied in a thick layer on the lips.

Eyes were made to look darker and brighter with black kohl or antimony and belladonna. Belladonna enlarges the pupils making the eyes look bigger and more attractive. It was not uncommon to pluck eyebrows to obtain a high browed look and a high forehead.

Oil, cumin seeds, celandine and saffron were used to colour the hair yellow and maintain that blonde look.

In the case, a woman could not get the right golden shade of hair, she would use wigs. Queen Elizabeth herself is purported to have a number of wigs. They were also called periwigs. Many women even went so far as to shave themselves bald and wear a wig all the time.


The Elizabethan women went to great pains to achieve the definition of beauty as it was at that time.

 the queen was consider a model of beuty fo the elitè call of the elizabethian golden age… take a look on this elitè class



The Science Museum will stage an Egyptian style makeup

LONDON – The Science Museum will stage an Egyptian style makeup workshop at its next Lates evening on Wednesday 28 April 2010. The workshop is one of the highlights of the programme, which celebrates the science of beauty through a series of fun and interactive workshops, talks and other activities.Visitors will also have an opportunity to view rare and beautiful items from the Wellcome collection of personal care – showing how beauty accessories and techniques have changed throughout history













(Model Flip Driver poses for photographers with a mirror after having makeup applied using historical Egyptian beauty items and toiletries at The Science Museum in London April 26, 2010)