The day before yesterday I went to famous Brand store  IDEABELLEZZA in Salerno where I had a very nice talk with the director of the store (who prefer to be unknown) and with the saleswoman . I asked some questions to this gentle women. The question could be soo categorized:




What does your job consist on?


To coordinate the team

To control the stock

To order the goods

To respect the limit of the budget

To reach the final quantitative and qualitative objectives


To sell the good the the  costumers and communicate with them just to make them to do the best choice!


Do you usually go to a formative course?


Yes : management, techniques of selling, personal management, course formative 626 ( labour accident and techniques of help)


Yes: 3 o 4 formative course a month. They are about the knowledge of the new goods. Some times the teach us how to understand what kind of costumer we are talking with and how we must relate to him.




What kind of person goes to IDEABELLEZZA?

Dir and S. w : every target but especially young woman from 20 o 35 years old.

What had been the colour of the summer?

Dir: Gould colour

What kind of make up will have the woman of the next winter ?

Dir: Smokey eyes, black eyeliner, very red lipstick, lips like in the ’30 called “ heart lips”.

Do men buy your cosmetics?

Dir and S. w : yes and they are about the 30 %  of our costumers always ask for

cream after beard  

cream depilatory

 cream to cover wrinkle

cream for perfect abdominal

face cream




How powerful is the packaging on making people buy perfumes and make up?

S. w: The packaging influence a lot on people choice but the most powerful marketing strategy is obviously the advertising especially the advertising related to a famous testimonial

2) the way you organize and expose goods in the store :

Dir : the News are on “Torrino” a circular SCAFFALE in the center of the shop , and the sales  are with a cartel where there is written the new cheap price




Do you feel as a member of a team store?

Dir and S. w. :  yes

Is there a leader of the group?

Dir : I’m the formal leader of the group

S.w. : Because of my personality when the director is not here I’m considered the informal leader of the group

3) Being more motivated on work does create a big competition between the team store? If the answer is yes is that competition good or bad for the team?

Dir: being competitive is good but we don’t want it too much

S.w.: we are four girls working in this store and now we are very close friends we don’t’ feel any competition and also because we have our own personal