Beauty, creativity, imagination, feelings and fun.
They’re magically simple — and easy on your wallet too!

Lots of colourful, original ideas, created to inspire excitement and, above all, absolutely irresistible.

Sweet, funny characters; imaginative shapes; real design objects: Pupa’s beauty kits open up to reveal precious beauty secrets…to gift or give yourself, be eternally seductive and get swept away by sheer euphoria!


Two new products join the classic red roses group.
Female vanity: here is a real beauty case that comes in new and unusual shapes.- A romantic vase of flowers: Vanity Roses
– A happy little house: Vanity House
– A lovely boat: Vanity Boat
– A rich treasure casket: Vanity Treasure
For those who want a starry look, here comes the new Zodiac Palette.
Compact, handy, with a sign of the Zodiac on the lid, and magic little stars all around.Inside:FACE
– 1 compact blush
– 2 compact eye shadows
– 1 compact eye shadow with glitter
– 1 applicator for the eyes

– 2 shiny glosses
– 2 cream lipsticks

Three dolls in 3 colour versions, made even more precious by the golden and shiny silver decorations.
The Obi sash is made of fabric and there are pearls in the hair. The symbol of femininity and harmony.Inside:FACE
– 2 blushes
– 6 eye shadows
– 1 applicator

– 3 lipsticks
– 2 shiny glosses

Pupa turns the matrioska, an international doll icon, into a unique, surprising and exclusive make-up kit that will amaze you with exciting surprises.Move Puposka’s face and reveal the mirror, rotate the little heart to find loads of eye-shadows in trendy colours, pull out the small drawers and there goes a whole world of colours for the face and lips…Now open it up and… here is another Puposka with its own fantastic surprises: mascara, pencils, eye-shadows, glosses…plus another lovely and smaller Puposka to always bring along with you and two mini Puposkas with applicators and lip gloss.

And the last surprise is a matrioska charm to hang on your mobile phone.
….unique emotions… only by Pupa!


A palette with a new and unusual shape enriched by sumptuous decorations and details.
Compact and elegant, the shape is rounded and sinuous and characterized by shining graphics on metallic tops.The Pupa logo becomes a very precious detail: a charm with lustres.
3 different decorations on the top:

 a dice

 an ace of hearts

a cute ribbon