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-make up lesson on youtube

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– the make up of the nobile class during the elizabethian age

-muoseo of make up

Emo Makeup

Some eye make techniques for emo makeup can  be done using dark colors!

  • Dark shadow applied to eyelid

  • Blend dark shadow up to brow bone

  • Black liner applied to the inner eye

  • Black liner may also be applied to the top lid

  • Dark mascara



We all know about those teenagers that call themselves emo. Like every such “group” or type of attitude they have a different makeup too and it’s specific to them. Let’s also not forget about the fact that some of their makeup styles look really fantastic and the basic thing is to highlight the eyes. If you’re into highlighting your eyes when you do your makeup you may be misunderstood with one of these teenagers that are part of this group.

Let’s start with basics: you have to apply a light tone of makeup foundation in order to make your face look pale, but not extremely pale, because you’re going to end up having a really gothic look- let’s also mention that this type of makeup is certainly inspired from the gothic one and that have so many things in common that you just can’t imagine.

We were at the level of the complexion! Sue makeup foundation and give a porcelain aspect to your visage and that it looks perfect, without spots or things like that on it. The next element that we want to mention about is the color in your cheeks. The emo teenagers apply blush in their cheeks, but this blush has a very pink tone and make sure- if you want to look like them- that you search for a similar tone. Sometimes you may apply only a soft touch of such blush in your cheeks, but it has to be there- even if it’s vaguely.

The eyebrows shouldn’t be highlighted too much! You can add a fade tone of eyeliner under the format of a pencil in order to make these a contour if these don’t have one. The eye contour is really vital when it comes to this type of makeup. You can apply for using pencil eyeliner, a liquid one all around your eyes and you may apply eye powder in black tone too in order to make a nice visual impression of really highlighted eyes.


The lips aren’t that vital when it comes to the emo makeup. These are highlighted very vaguely and with the help of a light pink lipstick or a gloss in fade pink. All the focus is on the eyes and they do a very excellent job when it comes to this aspect, because they highlight their eyes pretty well.


Besides the dark eye color and eyeliner you can apply for different other colors. You can sue pretty colors, really strong and powerful and if you combine these with dark tones you’re going to end up looking just like these. Also, let’s mention that the things that this group do shouldn’t affect the fact that their makeup style is pretty fantastic looking and it highlights their beauty pretty much.


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smokey ayes

perfect lips

how to apply mascara

the lesson of a star about make up : Tyra Bancks’s show

 Kim kardashan’s make up

queen Elizabeth make up

Women from all ages from hight social class wabted to have a perfect skin, perfect hair, perfect lips and perfect eyes.

During the Elizabeth Age the Queen Elizabeth was a great influence on the make-up during her reign. She was known as the virgin queen also because  the way she looked. She defined the way a woman should look.

The various portraits done of the Queen is a testament to the fact. She defined beauty at that time.


Queen Elizabeth’s skin was alabaster smooth and pale as milk without any blush to add colour to the whiteness. The make- up used was heavy and several layers were ingeniously put on.

White skin and light coloured hair was the ideal. It was the image of noble women and women of class.

Colour extracted from plants and flowers

Face paint was known as fucus, it was a combination and types of red colour. Vermillion was most popular of all. Cochineal and madder were also used as rouge. It was applied in a thick layer on the lips.

Eyes were made to look darker and brighter with black kohl or antimony and belladonna. Belladonna enlarges the pupils making the eyes look bigger and more attractive. It was not uncommon to pluck eyebrows to obtain a high browed look and a high forehead.

Oil, cumin seeds, celandine and saffron were used to colour the hair yellow and maintain that blonde look.

In the case, a woman could not get the right golden shade of hair, she would use wigs. Queen Elizabeth herself is purported to have a number of wigs. They were also called periwigs. Many women even went so far as to shave themselves bald and wear a wig all the time.


The Elizabethan women went to great pains to achieve the definition of beauty as it was at that time.

 the queen was consider a model of beuty fo the elitè call of the elizabethian golden age… take a look on this elitè class



The Science Museum will stage an Egyptian style makeup

LONDON – The Science Museum will stage an Egyptian style makeup workshop at its next Lates evening on Wednesday 28 April 2010. The workshop is one of the highlights of the programme, which celebrates the science of beauty through a series of fun and interactive workshops, talks and other activities.Visitors will also have an opportunity to view rare and beautiful items from the Wellcome collection of personal care – showing how beauty accessories and techniques have changed throughout history













(Model Flip Driver poses for photographers with a mirror after having makeup applied using historical Egyptian beauty items and toiletries at The Science Museum in London April 26, 2010)




A make up also aesthetic surgery is able to change your look and to make you feel better!


The aesthetic surgery  helps you from the sorrow is different from the platic surgery that intervents on your bady to help you from psicological problems.

Let’s talk about the second one because is more interesting for our reserch . I could say, if  I don’t think about the different contest and different competences and different situation, that the make up artist who puts lipistick and eyliner an you face is similar to the doctor that intervets on you body in the surgery room. Both are paid to make us to feel better but there is a little bit different:

– the make up artist has a smaller ” power” because  helps  you only for a small time just the time that you have a make up on as the same time you put the make up out your face you will lost all the magic sensation ( obviusly I’m talking about people whose put make up on for a special occasion as marriage, a sweet 16een party, and so in these occasions they wnat to be special and with a perfect look ).

– the surgery is a permanent change on you body so you need moore time to take this strong decision.













Some people could say me ” how can you say that the make up artist work is simolar to the estetic surgery done by a doctor?!”

well I will explain that in few points


  • I’m saying they’re look similar in term of Why ( why they are called and paid to do their job) and not in term of How ( how thy do their job)

  • It’s obvius that a people that are going to be aesthetic surgery are felling moore pain and are gonna feel sorrow than the young bride that is going to make her up  ; The young inpatient  and the Young bride moved in that decision to feel better with their self .

the UK is one of  the bigger Nation where aesthetic surgery is a very increasing and profictable activity!

Brows up, breasts down: the UK in plastic surgery

More men than ever before are having plastic surgery – and it’s often to reduce moobs. Find out who has what done in the UK
• Get the data



Plastic surgery in the UK

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Type of procedure
Number of procedures 2009
% change, 2008- 2009
% change 2008 – 2009
% change, 2008 – 2009
ALL PROCEDURES 36,482 6.71 32,859 5 3,623 21
Breast augmentation 8,565 1.37 8,537 1 28  
Blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery) 5,443 6.10 4,827 7 616 1
Face/Neck Lift 4,241 -6.73 4,005 -8 236 23
Breast Reduction 4,703 22.31 4,122 17 581 80
Abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) 3,403 -6.46 3,268 -7 135 21
Liposuction 3,509 8.00 3,010 9 499 4
Rhinoplasty (nose) 3,836 25.15 2,959 25 877 26
Otoplasty (ear correction) 1,349 7.06 807 7 542 7
Brow lifts 1,433 42.73 1,324 42 109 51

Simon Rogers byline pic Posted by Simon Rogers Tuesday 2 February 2010 09.00 GMT


Nothing, it seems, is immune from the collapse of the global economy, not even the huge American industry that is plastic surgery. The latest data from the American Society of Plastic Surgeonsshows that cosmetic surgery in the US is down 9% on the previous year – with some exceptions such as buttock lifts, and non-invasive ‘procedures’ such as Botox injections.


The aesthetic surgery is soo popular in the Uk that they decied to create a Reality Show on these theme! (Oh my gosh!)

take a look on some episodes!

 Dr 90210

784,540 one hundred and twenty million is the number of registered users last May in the most visited site in the world (google excluded), FACEBOOK. A record, almost certainly intended to be passed this month. According to the American society eMarketers by 2014 two thirds of U.S. Internet users use social networks at least one active (already do adolescents, 78.2% estimate 2010).

The web is changing our lives in the sense that thanks to it we can chack the news, organize trips but also choose to buy one product over another (thanks to teh infomrmation that the web gives us). Companies know this already, and they tray to go into the magical world of the web, and especially to take advantage in term of productivelyi.


This young girl, a student from Bocconi, is now the most considered young blogger by the most famous stylists and brands.

Chiara has been invited to a lot of fashion show in Milan  and her opinion about fashion had such a value!

But why this ladie becomes so popular? the reason is simple : has she says in the video below  her blog is visited by about people a day!

If Chiara is not an opportunity for the Industries to comunicate efficently to the consumers… so tell me what else could be?

the chiara Ferragni’s blog link

Some foto of Chiara: such a style!

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WHeN An ItaLiAN FasHIoN BLoGgEr MeeTS ANother FasHIoN BloggEr froM OlaND!

see the page of famous make up brands on facebook, youtube and google. Here there are the link page:



la rinascente!/pages/La-Rinascente/41329159482?ref=search





Geisha (芸者?), Geiko (芸子) or Geigi (芸妓) are traditional, female japanese entertainers  whose skills include performing various Japanese arts such as classical music and dance.
A woman entering the geisha community can start t as a maiko (apprentice geisha are called maiko)  or as a geisha. A woman above 21 is considered too old to be a maiko and becomes a full geisha upon her initiation into the geisha community. However, those who do go through the maiko stage can enjoy more prestige later in their professional lives.
                                                                                                                                                 (young Maiko)
For sexual enjoyment and romantic attachment, men did not go to their wives, but to courtesans; in the 16th century  the”pleasure quarters. It was near the turn of the eighteenth century that the first entertainers of the plea quarters, called geisha, appeared.
                                                                                                                                     ( the modern quartier in kyoto where geishas live)
The term geisha literally translates to mean “entertainer.” Around the world, the term geisha has many different connotations; some western countries think that geishas are high-class prostitutes or escorts. Even some Japanese citizens see geisha in that way because of the lower class geisha who do sell their bodies and work as prostitutes
The biggest misconception of geisha is that they have sex with their customers; the most exclusive modern geisha do not. Their sex and love lives are usually distinct from their professional life. A successful geisha can entrance her male customers with music, dance, and conversation. “Geisha are not submissive and subservient, but in fact they are some of the most financially and emotionally successful and strongest women in Japan, and traditionally have been so”.

Relationships with male guests

The appeal of a high-ranking geisha to her typical male guest has historically been very different from that of his wife. The ideal geisha showed her skill, while the ideal wife was modest. The ideal geisha seemed carefree, the ideal wife somber and responsible. Geisha do sometimes marry their clients but they must then retire; there can never be a married geisha.
Geisha may gracefully flirt with their (often infatuated) guests, but they will always remain in control of the hospitality. Over their years of apprenticeship they learn to adapt to different situations and personalities, mastering the art of the hostess.
Modern geisha still live in traditional geisha houses called okiya in areas called hanamachi (花街 “flower towns”), particularly during their apprenticeship. Many experienced geisha are successful enough to choose to live independently.




Geisha begin their study of music and dance when they are very young and continue it throughout their lives. Geisha can work into their eighties and nineties and are expected to train every day even after seventy years of experience
. Every dance uses gestures to tell a story and only a connoisseur can understand the subdued symbolism. For example, a tiny hand gesture represents reading a love letter, holding the corner of a handkerchief in the mouth represents coquetry and the long sleeves of the elaborate kimono are often used to symbolize dabbing tears.

MakeupToday, the traditional makeup of the apprentice geisha is one of their most recognizable characteristics, though established geisha generally only wear full white face makeup characteristic of maiko during special performances.

The traditional makeup of an apprentice geisha features a thick white base with red lipstick and red and black accents around the eyes and eyebrows.


Geisha always wear kimono. Apprentice geisha wear highly colorful kimono with extravagant obi.


During the 17th century, women began putting all their hair up again, and it is during this time that the traditional shimada hairstyle, a type of traditional chignon worn by most established geisha, developed.

The day before yesterday I went to famous Brand store  IDEABELLEZZA in Salerno where I had a very nice talk with the director of the store (who prefer to be unknown) and with the saleswoman . I asked some questions to this gentle women. The question could be soo categorized:




What does your job consist on?


To coordinate the team

To control the stock

To order the goods

To respect the limit of the budget

To reach the final quantitative and qualitative objectives


To sell the good the the  costumers and communicate with them just to make them to do the best choice!


Do you usually go to a formative course?


Yes : management, techniques of selling, personal management, course formative 626 ( labour accident and techniques of help)


Yes: 3 o 4 formative course a month. They are about the knowledge of the new goods. Some times the teach us how to understand what kind of costumer we are talking with and how we must relate to him.




What kind of person goes to IDEABELLEZZA?

Dir and S. w : every target but especially young woman from 20 o 35 years old.

What had been the colour of the summer?

Dir: Gould colour

What kind of make up will have the woman of the next winter ?

Dir: Smokey eyes, black eyeliner, very red lipstick, lips like in the ’30 called “ heart lips”.

Do men buy your cosmetics?

Dir and S. w : yes and they are about the 30 %  of our costumers always ask for

cream after beard  

cream depilatory

 cream to cover wrinkle

cream for perfect abdominal

face cream




How powerful is the packaging on making people buy perfumes and make up?

S. w: The packaging influence a lot on people choice but the most powerful marketing strategy is obviously the advertising especially the advertising related to a famous testimonial

2) the way you organize and expose goods in the store :

Dir : the News are on “Torrino” a circular SCAFFALE in the center of the shop , and the sales  are with a cartel where there is written the new cheap price




Do you feel as a member of a team store?

Dir and S. w. :  yes

Is there a leader of the group?

Dir : I’m the formal leader of the group

S.w. : Because of my personality when the director is not here I’m considered the informal leader of the group

3) Being more motivated on work does create a big competition between the team store? If the answer is yes is that competition good or bad for the team?

Dir: being competitive is good but we don’t want it too much

S.w.: we are four girls working in this store and now we are very close friends we don’t’ feel any competition and also because we have our own personal



A comprehensive and authoritative history of henna use may not yet exist in a single volume, but references, allusions and clues are scattered through books on art, history, sociology, poetry, religion, mythology and other subjects. Henna has been used to decorate the skin and hair for nearly 5,000 years — and has been found on the hands and feet of Egyptian mummies!.

 Henna doesn’t penetrate far enough into healthy, adult unbroken skin to cause problems. Allergic reactions to henna are very rare, it is safe to use and the result is beautiful.



Mehendi is an ancient Indian Body Art. It is used in creating intricate ethnic or contemporary designs and exotic patterns on various parts of the body, though traditionally applied to the hands and feet of women preparing for special ceremonies. Once thought only for women, men are finding it a nice alternative to permanent tattoos. But now both men and women enjoy the “temporary tattoo”. The process of applying henna in this manner is called ‘Mehendi’, an ancient ritual and art form dating back 5,000 years and is considered good luck in India, Middle East and North Africa. No Indian wedding is ever complete without the mehendi, whichever part of the country the bride may be from, her hands are adorned with the lovely red hue of the mehendi 


Ingredients… the coloring thing in Henna..

Henna is a natural product, a plant, growing in size from 3 to 5 feet and can vary slightly from region to region. Its leaves are then dried and ground to make the henna powder. The ingredient in henna that makes up the dye properties is called lawsome (lawsonia inermis). Since it is a natural product, there are no known side effects.

Henna’s dye component, hennotannic acid, does not pass through into the dermis, it only stains the dead cells in the epidermis. Hennotannic acid naturally makes the brick/red/brown stains; it usually takes many hours to get a good henna stain on the skin, and that stain is quite harmless.

 ( this woman is not scared about the henna because she knows it is not dangerous for his baby)

Pure, 100% henna, with the help of heat, moisture and time, leaves a reddish brown stain on skin, first light, then darkening during the next 24 hours. The shade various according to the quality of henna used, the ingredients of the paste and the methods used when applying, and sometimes the colour can darken to almost black, but basically the colour is brown.


Henna Care..

Your design should last at a minimum of 1 and a maximum of 4 weeks depending on the thickness of the epidermis of your skin and on where the design is located.

Leave the paste on as long as up to 8 hours (or more if you can stand it). The longer the paste is kept on, the darker the design will be. After you peel of the paste, dip a Q-tip in some olive or Avocado oil and take off the remainder of the dry paste. Do not expose your new design to water in the first 24 hours after the design has been applied as the colour is still in its darkening process. The less exposed to water, soap or rubbing, the longer the designs will linger.






  As Henna is a free hand Art, any Henna design/ Henna Pattern can be applied to any part of the body.



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Individuals, Groups and Companies and for all occasions like Bridal Henna, Mehendi Nights, Corporate events, Company fun days, Marriages, Birthday Parties, Hen/Singles Nights, Festivals, Crafts Day, Ceremonies or any special celebrations to make the moment enjoyable and memorable






The appeal? Painless temporary tattoos. Cutting edge. Cool. Painless. Fun. No needles, just a paste. What was in this month might be out the next, so with Mehendi a lifetime commitment (like real tattoos) is not necessary as the designs fade within a 1-4 weeks.


PUPA The Design of Beauty

Beauty, creativity, imagination, feelings and fun.
They’re magically simple — and easy on your wallet too!

Lots of colourful, original ideas, created to inspire excitement and, above all, absolutely irresistible.

Sweet, funny characters; imaginative shapes; real design objects: Pupa’s beauty kits open up to reveal precious beauty secrets…to gift or give yourself, be eternally seductive and get swept away by sheer euphoria!


Two new products join the classic red roses group.
Female vanity: here is a real beauty case that comes in new and unusual shapes.- A romantic vase of flowers: Vanity Roses
– A happy little house: Vanity House
– A lovely boat: Vanity Boat
– A rich treasure casket: Vanity Treasure
For those who want a starry look, here comes the new Zodiac Palette.
Compact, handy, with a sign of the Zodiac on the lid, and magic little stars all around.Inside:FACE
– 1 compact blush
– 2 compact eye shadows
– 1 compact eye shadow with glitter
– 1 applicator for the eyes

– 2 shiny glosses
– 2 cream lipsticks

Three dolls in 3 colour versions, made even more precious by the golden and shiny silver decorations.
The Obi sash is made of fabric and there are pearls in the hair. The symbol of femininity and harmony.Inside:FACE
– 2 blushes
– 6 eye shadows
– 1 applicator

– 3 lipsticks
– 2 shiny glosses

Pupa turns the matrioska, an international doll icon, into a unique, surprising and exclusive make-up kit that will amaze you with exciting surprises.Move Puposka’s face and reveal the mirror, rotate the little heart to find loads of eye-shadows in trendy colours, pull out the small drawers and there goes a whole world of colours for the face and lips…Now open it up and… here is another Puposka with its own fantastic surprises: mascara, pencils, eye-shadows, glosses…plus another lovely and smaller Puposka to always bring along with you and two mini Puposkas with applicators and lip gloss.

And the last surprise is a matrioska charm to hang on your mobile phone.
….unique emotions… only by Pupa!


A palette with a new and unusual shape enriched by sumptuous decorations and details.
Compact and elegant, the shape is rounded and sinuous and characterized by shining graphics on metallic tops.The Pupa logo becomes a very precious detail: a charm with lustres.
3 different decorations on the top:

 a dice

 an ace of hearts

a cute ribbon

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GaGa Extreme Make up!

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the Rihanna and Gaga ‘s evolution means for us a new significative changes but fort the big industries that sopport these two young artists it means just a lot of money coming in! what’s the secret of all these business behind these artist? it’s simple : talent of course, and a lot of make up to create a different caracter every single song and and album!

so many cool looks for rihanna!take look!

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L Gaga sbalorditive make up!